10 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong Your Entire Life


When we use things regularly, we are confident that we have them all figured out. Things as small as an eraser, a soda tab etc. We think it’s very straight forward and are least concerned if there is any other appropriate way to use them. After all who cares? But when you read this post, you will realize how wrong you have been! These are some random objects and they have alternate purposes and learn how even a wooden spoon prevents the mess of boiling water. Your life is going to improve!

Erasers with two sides

Remember how your used the eraser with a blue part to remove the ink? Remember how much struggle it was and you thought, “chuck it, I ll buy the white fluid.!” Well, the other side is for the pencil only and it helps in removing the stains which the pencil lead ends up making and not for the ink!


Straw popping out of can

Don’t drown the straw in your can just like that, because the large hole on the can cap is indeed for your straw to enter so that it keeps in place.

Your pot boiling over?

All you have to do to avoid the water boiling out of your pan is placing your wooden spoon over top. (Don’t scream that why no one told you this before, it’s fate!) The bubbles won’t overflow this way and you can prove to other how genius you are.

Don’t throw away your printer cartridge

So your computer alerts you that there’s no ink remaining and you throw away the cartridge. Maury Povich says, “THAT was a lie.” All you have to do to get that extra mile is remove the cartridge and use a paper clip to pop the reset button on the bottom. It will trick your computer and everything will be fine once again!

The back loop of your shirt isn’t just so your friends can pull you

That loop is for your hanger to prevent the front and back of the shirt from wrinkling. Yes, you don’t need to iron again and again!

Double your closet space

Use soda tabs to double up on hangers, and enable yourself to hang more stuff, more neatly without wasting your money to buy another closet!

Tiny hole in the airplane window isn’t there to scare you

Inside and outside pressure while flying is regulated with a tiny hole on your plane window and you must not get scared of it, unless, you know, the hole is weirdly bigger. Well, then call your flight attendant asap!

Those holes in your pasta spoon actually have a purpose

The hole is not just for straining but also to measure spaghetti per serving, so you never make too much again.

That button hole up top is not just “swag”

The horizontal button hole at the very top is placed there to prevent your shirt from unbuttoning on top, for the times when want to look extra presentable, professionally, I suppose!

That small pocket in your jeans

The small pocket wasn’t intended for your coins or contraceptives. Instead, it was created to hold a pocket watch, which is what many workers used to carry with them to the job, but now I suppose because of your damn cell phone, you don’t even need a watch.