10 Style Trends Worth Trying in 2017


As the years go on, it seems like trends in menswear get more and more daring. In 2016, that meant things like embroidered snakes, tie dye, and all-occasion track pants. But for 2017 trends, things are going to have to get even ballsier to keep the most stylishly adventurous men satisfied. Below are some trends that may not be for the faint of heart—but will separate you from the pack even as it becomes increasingly diverse with each passing season.

Statement Overcoats

By now, you’ve got a navy topcoat, a gray one, and maybe even one in camel or plaid. But the truly adventurous man in 2017 should reach for something a little more exotic—whether it’s an unexpected hue (like a Pharrell Williams-inspired pink) or a leopard print fur. The key to pulling it off without looking like a Jersey Shore mom? Ripped jeans and your coolest clean white kicks.


Unnatural Hair Colors

Now that most guys are okay with the idea of dyeing their hair blond, it’s time to step up to something a little, well, weirder. If you’re in need of some inspiration, look to Frank Ocean’s most recent album cover, Kanye West’s sorbet swirl ‘do, or Adam Levine’s pink frosted tips.

Sweatpants Tucked Into Socks

Once considered the ultimate in dork style, tucking your sweatpants into your tube socks has become a favorite amongst influential (if unconventional) style gods like Shia LaBeouf. And in our era of graphic printed logo socks, there’s never been a better time to embrace the this style move.

V-Neck Sweaters

V-Neck sweaters may be a classic menswear item, but over the past few years they’ve fallen out of favor amongst the high-fashion crowd (and in the pages of GQ). But after a few years on the bench, we’re ready to re-embrace V-Necks—albeit with some conditions. The shallow, boring V-Necks of yesteryear may never return, but a more angular V is exactly the kind of style that will look fresh in 2017.

90s-Inspired Sportswear

The trend towards ’90s nostalgia brands took off in the latter half of 2016, but in 2017 is when the high fashion collections of Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vetements—which feature collaborations with brands like Fila, Champion, Reebok, and more—hit shelves. Expect brands at every price point to follow suit, and to see your favorite ’90s brands to be considered cool again.

Calf-High Socks With Shorts

Just like the new wave of graphic socks are perfect for tucked-in sweats, they’re also the kind you want to be wearing with shorts this spring and summer. Whether it’s with a pair of gym shorts en route your morning workout or with some looser, easy-going shorts from Off-White, Public School, or Second/Layer, long socks are the new no socks.

Bleached Jeans

Denim was probably less popular in 2016 than any year in recent memory (thanks to the rise of elastic waist suit trousers, Dickie’s, and track pants), but there’s some interesting options for the new year that could make denim poised for a comeback. Gucci, the hottest brand on the planet these days, has made a big push for bleached jeans—an ’80s favorite we’ve seldom endorsed over the past three decades—so expect mass market brands to follow suit.

Chilled-Out Suits

If you’ve picked up a GQ in the past decade, you may have noticed that we like our suits slim. (And fine, occasionally we’ve leaned little too slim.) The point has always been to get guys to stop wearing slouchy three-button boxy suits, and in that regard we think we’ve been pretty successful. But if you mastered the slim fit suit long ago, now may the time to embrace a bigger, easier fitting suit in 2017.

Wide Cropped Trousers

Just like suits, pants have seen a move towards more chilled-out fits over the past few seasons. It takes guts to pull off and the right cast of supporting pieces, but if you’ve got the stuff, know a pair of wider, cropped pants is the perfect antidote to years of slim, stiff jeans. And yes, your junk will thank you.


A favorite of Chance the Rapper all throughout 2016, overalls are your perfect, echem, chance to look unique in the new year. And considering wide leg jeans are insanely popular these days, overalls aren’t that big of a style leap for most guys. A cool graphic tee and jacket are all separating you from being the coolest overall version of yourself in the new year.