10 Teachings That Will Change How You Approach Your Relationship


Do you really want to give up so easily? I guess not. Instead of letting him/her go, try to improve certain things. What if your approach towards relationships can change and affect it in a positive manner? So, read along to find out these teachings from Buddha that will make a lasting impact on how you approach your relationship.

1. Self-Love

What is the point of loving someone else and respecting them if you can’t even love yourself? Remember, you come first. The more you love and respect yourself, the more you will get love and respect from that significant other.


2. Trust

Trust is one of the most important pillars of a relationship. You know you both love each other, then why the jealousy and nonsensical insecurities? Why the- “Who are you with?” “Do you still talk to him?” questions all the time? Learn to trust your partner. Don’t let this pillar collapse.

3. Acceptance Is The Key

Tired of one of his/her habits? Want them to change? You would not want to do that once you get to know its consequences. Wanting your partner to change just for you is certainly not the right way to go. Your nagging will build up anger and resentment in him/her, and one day it will all come out, and that would not be a very pleasant experience. So accept them the way they are. There are a few adjustments in every relationship.

4. He/She Is Your Reflection

Your partner is your personified thoughts. If you give out positive vibes, positivity will surely come to you. If you are always uptight, giving out negativity, jumping to conclusions, not treating your partner right and disrespecting them, remember they will reflect the same emotions. Hence, always be positive and think happy thoughts.

5. Love Means Doing

If you think loving each other is enough, then you are wrong. They say actions speak louder than words. So if you love someone don’t just tell them, show them. Doing small things for each other also counts. Not only does it make the both of you happy but also builds the foundation of trust and a sense of security. Remember, do not be selfish. Their needs are as important as yours.

6. Forgive

Yes, there are fights and misunderstandings and mistakes in every relationship. But does that mean you will hold a grudge against your partner forever? NO. Instead, forgive them; they will realize their mistake. But if you keep on digging out old fights and yelling, “You won’t be forgiven for this!” it won’t help at all. In fact, they probably will commit the same mistake again.

7. Be Thankful

Never ever take your partner for granted.  If you do, that means you do not value them and will know their true worth once they are gone. So it is better that you be thankful for them, thankful for your relationship and thankful for all the happy memories.

8. Seek To Understand

Don’t be selfish! You are not the only one who needs to be understood. Take the first step and try to understand what they mean. They shall do the same. You don’t want to create unnecessary misunderstandings, do you?

9. Acknowledge The Positives

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Being jealous because your friend’s partner ‘showers her with more gifts’ ‘takes her out more’ is a big no-no. Every relationship has its own identity. Your partner might not give you all those fancy things but he might love you dearly.

10. Be Honest

Being honest is very important. How would you feel if you get to know your partner is hiding something from you or lying to you? Don’t keep any secrets from them that might backfire on you and your relationship.