13 Easy Ways That You Can Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special


But it’s not always that easy, is it? Certainly we all want to make our someones feel special, but sometimes that becomes a bit of a challenge. That’s why we’re here. Below you can read 13 easy ways that you can make your boyfriend feel special.

1. Flirt with him


Guys love to feel loved and desired. One great way to do this is to flirt with him as if you were just getting to know each other — even if you’ve been together for years. There are lots of ways to do this. You can compliment his looks, give him little shows of affection and then play “hard to get,” or even gently tease him. Again, however, being genuine is crucial.


2. Be a fun girl

Have a cheerful approach to life and look for ways to have a laugh. Be spontaneous and cheerful around your boyfriend and it’ll definitely make your boyfriend happy.

3. Compliment him


Men love compliments, they just pretend like they don’t. Compliment your man for his physique and his intellect. He’ll be happy to know you notice.

4. Make him feel special


Remember his important days and tasks, and remind him about it beforehand. Do something nice for him out of the blue like cooking him a fancy dinner or buying a good looking tee shirt for no reason at all.

5. Showing Him You Care


Nothing makes a guy feel special like showing him your true self. This is especially true if you don’t normally show it to other people. Be silly, be strange, be wild — whatever you feel like being! This shows how comfortable you feel around him, which in turn will make him lower his guard as well.

6. Look like a million bucks around him


Look sexy when you’re with him. Getting naked should still be a treat, not a regular occurrence around the house. Dress well and make sure eyes turn when you’re in his arms.

7. Give him your support when he’s down

Guys sometimes don’t get lots of opportunities to express anxieties and feelings of vulnerability. They often feel pressure to act like nothing ever worries them. They may even have been taught that showing vulnerability (through fear, crying, etc.) is a sign of weakness. You know better, so make sure he knows that you’ll always be there for him. Let him know that, around you, he doesn’t have to be strong all of the time. Offering a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on when things are not going well for him can make him feel like the most special guy in the world.

8. Tease your boyfriend

Don’t always give in too easily. You’ll be boring. Make him work for you and any sexual favors. It’ll make him respect you more and take you seriously, which matters a lot in love.

9. Don’t forget your inner child


As you grow older, don’t forget the inner, happy fun child within you. Most women take on the role of a mother and forget to behave like a child now and then. Instead of feeling jealous or annoyed when your man acts like a child, join him and have fun!

10. Share Your Secrets With Him

If you share your secrets with your guy, it will show him that you trust him. You want him to know things about you and you want him to be a part of your life on a deeper level.

11. Be Affectionate


What better way to show your guy that he’s special than to love up on him. Hold his hand while you’re out and about and sneak in a little smooch here and there. He’ll love the attention and it’ll make him feel all warm inside!

12. Hug him tight for no reason

Guys melt like butter when it comes to sweet affectionate moments. He may not always initiate it, but if you run up to him and hug him tightly out of the blue, he’ll love the way you feel in his arms.

13. Surprise him by buying something he really likes

Did you find something your man will really appreciate when you were out shopping alone? Pick it up for him. Surprise him now and then with little, thoughtful gifts and he’ll think he’s the luckiest guy in the world.