A Myth Or Fake? 10 Biggest Myths Of History


There have been many myths and stories about people and places that we have heard and have shocked the world. But are they real or fake? Here we have 10 myths from the history that have been busted.

1. Lady Godiva never rode Naked.

Medieval legend says that a woman named Lady Godiva rode naked on her horse through the English city of Coventry centuries ago. Although a Lady Godiva really existed, no evidence links her with such a deed.


2. Einstein was not bad in Mathematics.

Einstein was brilliant from an early age at studies. He got a failure tag when he failed in his entrance exam to the Swiss Polytechnic in Zurich (despite excelling in the maths and physics sections), but he was only 16, two years younger than most people applying for university and he was under pressure from his dad to enter a technical profession rather than pursue learning. So saying he was a failure during his school time is a big “No”.

3. Salome didn’t wanted John the Baptist Killed.

The Bible tells the tale of Herod executing John the Baptist and giving his head as a gift to his daughter in reward for her dance at his birthday. Most people mistakenly believe that Salome, the daughter, requested this out of anger for John refuses her advances. It was, in fact, Herodias, her mother who wanted John killed, not Salome – she was merely the messenger.

4. Edison didn’t invent Electric Bulb.

Light bulbs were discovered by several people pioneer to Thomas Edison. Edison was not the first who invented electric bulb although he brought out longer-lasting incandescent versions of light bulb that became viable commercially.

5. Columbus already knew Earth was round.

Almost everybody in the Middle Ages considered Earth to be flat, it was Columbus’s big contribution to prove that “Earth” was round. Columbus voyages have been painted as an attempt to prove to skeptical clergy and kings that the earth was round, but this is largely thanks to Washington Irvine’s 1828 biography of Columbus, which takes a few artistic licenses.

6. Witches were never burned at Salem Witch Trials.

Although there were images of witches being burned at the stake, this didn’t happen. Instead, most of the 20 people who were convicted and then killed were hanged at Salem Trials . Many who survived were simply imprisoned later on.

7. Napoleon Bonaparte wasn’t short.

Napoleon Bonaparte had an average height, he was 5 foot 6 inches in height. Some of confusion comes down to the difference between French and English measurement: the pounce, a pre-revolution unit that is slightly longer than a British inch. So 5’2” in pounce is 5’6” in feet and inches.

8. King Arthur probably wasn’t real.

All the myth and stories about Arthur being a king, ruling at Camelot, Lancelot, Merlin, Excalibur, ladies in was just a mixture of folklore, medieval literature and poetry, most notably from Geoffrey of Monmouth, who put together a history of all the kings of England in 1136.

9. Marie Antoinette never said.

Marie Antoinette is always considered to be associated with this phrase “Let them eat cake.” But there is no evidence she ever said it.

10. Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets.

Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets into battle. This myth raised in 9th century when Oseburg tapestry showed someone in a horned helmet, but either it’s someone performing a ritual or it’s supposed to be a god. It was not a practical thing to wear horned helmet while cutting down unsuspecting English Christians with sword.