Did You Know The Benefits Of Becoming A Vegan ?


Not only does being vegan results in healthy weight loss and high energy levels, but it also helps out our environment and sustainability in the long run.Your life will never be the same once you shift to this diet. As a plant-based nutrition graduate, I can almost guarantee it with my stamp of approval.

Read on to find out MORE!

Go GREEN by EATING green!

There has never been a better time to GO GREEN by EATING GREENS. By adopting a plant-based lifestyle, we can reduce the impact of climatic change, rainforest destruction, pollution while saving water and other precious resources.


Give your body time to transition

Your body is naturally going to detox and you will feel a little crappy as your body is trying to adjust to this newly adopted lifestyle that is going to change your life eventually so be patient and kind to it.

YOUR connection with animal emotions. Fathom their agony

When an animal is chased and eventually suffers a painful death, it inevitably releases negative chemicals in their body to overcome the intense stress of facing death and these negative chemical hormones are then transferred into our system when we fill our bodies with dead meat instead of vibrant plant-based foods.

Do YOU see food or an animal ?

Why do we LOVE dogs and kill pigs and vice versa depending on which cultural and geographical part of the world we come from. Food for thought? Perhaps. We can either stay completely ignorant on what we are eating is killing the empathy in us or change.

Treat your BODY as a temple!

Don’t fill YOUR body with rotting corpses of dead animals. Instead, make it thrive on vibrant, rich, colorful healing plant-based foods that will put you in the BEST health of your life!

Heavy land animals thrive on a vegan diet!

Land animals such as Rhinos, Bison, Elephants & Deers are all vegetarians. In humans too, Vegans are likely to be more stronger and healthier provided they eat right and exercise themselves ofcourse.

Your Energy levels are through the roof!

This is me and trust me I wasn’t always like this, I have worked hard on my wellness quotient to be where I am & and I am happy to admit that I am thriving on  a whole food plant based lifestyle.

Glowing skin and healthy hair are just some of the perks!

Who wouldn’t want that ?! You would need less of that concealer and can almost go makeup free and still look radiant inside out.

Vegan lifestyle provides you with all the nutrients your body needs.

Don’t  you fret coz being on a whole food plant based lifestyle, you will nourish your body with all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a host of nutrients that your body needs and crave? Every part of you will feel detoxed and revitalised.

Body builder’s, listen up!

From the lawyer turned ultra marathoner Rich Roll to Ironman triathlete Brandon Brazier to Mike Tyson are all vegan which proves that whole foods plants provide all the protein and nutrients necessary for muscle mass and high energy active lifestyle! NO excuses folks!