Photoshopped Celebrity Images That Prove You Can’t Trust Anything


That program can be given credit for the success of countless celeb’s photographs over the years. Since it came out, it has changed the appearance of countless stars all over the world. It can take an okay face and turn it into a glamour shot. Another popular use for it is taking the weight off. You know what I’m talking about. A picture has a few more rolls than a star wants the world to see…no problem, we’ll just Photoshop it!

The program itself is really quite amazing. You can add muscles or even take them away. Who needs to pay thousands of dollars on a boob job when Photoshop will take care of it for them? Now of course you run into the problem of that you might actually need to leave the house at some point. That could pose an issue with your adjusted appearance.

So let’s take a look at some of photoshop’s best work and what it hid from us!

#1. Demi Moore

Demi Moore is a beautiful woman and has been for a long time. But sometimes she doesn’t always have a great day. No different than any of us. This is what Photoshop did for her.


#2. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford got in an amazing work out in the time between when this photo was taken and when it was printed. Look at those abs! I think the machine she used was 30 second abs!

#3. Keira Knightley

Here you can see a perfect example of one of the most widely used features of the program. No breasts on the left, breasts on the right. If it was only that easy in real life, right?

#4. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has seen her share of bad days. Here is another perfect example of what Photoshop can accomplish. On the left Lohan is wrinkled and weathered. But on the right she is once again a stunning beauty.

#5. Jennifer Lawrence

Photoshop can also iron your clothes or put on your makeup! Here Jennifer Lawrence shows us what can be done if you don’t like the wrinkles on your dress or the amount of makeup you originally wore.

#6. Katy Perry

Here you can see Katy Perry wearing a better make up job in the final result than when the photo was taken. Photoshop is also used to fix up covers of magazines. The program has so many uses that it’s hard to remember what we did before it.

#7. Justin Bieber

This photo of Justin Bieber is just funny. Look at the arms and chest. He WISHES that he looked like that! Photoshop gives everyone some hope!

#8. Kim Kardashian

You don’t really think there are any photos floating around of the Kardashian’s that haven’t been touched up do you? Well they may get released but not because the family approved it. Here you can see Kim clearly touched up in the mid section.

#9. Johnny Depp

Photoshop can not only fix some short comings in photos, it can also completely alter the look of something or someone. If you know what you are doing the things that can be done are endless. Here is a good example with Johnny Depp.

#10. Britney Spears

Sometimes you may find it hard to see the difference. Here is a great example of Britney Spears in an altered photo. From this point forth anytime that you see a great picture of a celebrity you have to wonder…Photoshop or not?