Planning To Visit Any Of This City? Check Out 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World?


There are several countries around the world fit only for the rich and wealthy or the employee with a fat pay packet. Most of these countries are among the most beautiful with cultural identities, sights, fashion, entertainment and world cuisine that make all of them the most happening in the world. But! All of these are expensive and the cost of living is high and by no means affordable.

Check out these 10 most expensive cities across the world where living isn’t worth the move unless your filthy rich.

10. Lausanne, Switzerland

This is one country on par with a point above the USD so that makes 1 Swiss Franc equivalent to 1.017 USD. Sounds alarming because Switzerland is an expensive country and even more so is Lausanne. Imagine spending $ 11 US for a carton of eggs in comparison to the average US cost of approx 42 per dozen. Chicken breast is pretty expensive at $11 a pound. A pair of jeans cost $103 as compared to $ 50 in the US.


9. Basel, Switzerland

Basel too is a frightfully expensive city in Switzerland where a pair of shoes would cost no less than $200 US. Try not to get sick or you may have to shell out $40 for a regular dose of antibiotics. Care for a drink?? A cocktail costs $16 US. Can you imagine a peg of scotch? The only advantage of Basel over Lausanne is the slightly lower cost of rent and public transport.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong had always been a business center and a rendezvous of the rich and famous. No wonder it is so damn expensive. Although you get a great exchange rate where a HK Dollar is worth just .12 US cents, still you have to be prepared to pay astronomical sums for real estate and accommodation. The real stuff that matters such as rent per month is a crazy 5000 US DOLLARS. Not HK dollars.

7. London

Who doesn’t love the cultural city of London? The beautiful charm of old world London mixed with modernism makes it one of the most “must live’ cities on any list but the only spoke in the wheel is the high cost of living. The conversion rate of a UK pound is slightly higher being equivalent to 1.311 USD so that too is a bummer. However unlike Hong Kong accommodation isn’t too expensive and apartments are affordable but it’s the little amenities that add up to quite a sum.

6. Washington D.C.

Washington is steeped in history reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the USA but it isn’t cheap to live in the city. While rents are fairly reasonable, entertainment is steep where theatre tickets for a couple will cost a whopping $250. What’s even hard to believe is that public transportation here is expensive and so is a haircut. In fact transport in Washington DC is the costliest in the entire country.

5. New York City, United States’

The big Apple and of course amoung one of the most extremely expensive cities in the world. Don’t even think of living here as accommodation is really high however depending on what area of the city you live, you can get some bargains too such as Queens and the Bronx but would you really like living there?. Consider this, the theater is reserved for the rich and elite as tickets to the theater are the costliest in the world and the $ 250 you pay in Washington is nothing compared to how much you may have to pay in New York.

4. San Francisco, United States

Seems New York and Washington DC aren’t the only expensive cities in the US. San Francisco surprisingly is the most expensive city in the world where real estate is concerned. Entertainment too isn’t affordable in San Francisco and a small lunch may cost you $16 which is by no means cheap.

3. Geneva, Switzerland

Well we are back again in Switzerland where Geneva is one of the most populous cities in the world. Geneva may be a gorgeous city but it features among the top 3 countries with a high cost of living. Medical facilities are extremely expensive in Geneva and food too will punch a hole in your wallet where a lunch costs $25 US. Although rent may be reasonable, living in Geneva is what’s going to strain your budget.

2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and a common rendezvous for the rich and famous. The capital George Town hosts 43 of the 50 most famous banks in the world where off shore banking is a pretty common factor here as most billionaires are bound to have accounts here.

1. Zurich, Switzerland

For a city well known to be among the top notch for banking, Zurich obviously had to be the most expensive city in the world. Zurich’s history dates back to Roman times in 15 BC making it a significantly more cultural and historical city than most. Zurich however is expensive where be prepared to shell out $ 30 US for a meal. Dinner will cost you the equivalent of going to an IMAX movie with dinner in the US setting you back by $80 usd. Even to vacation in Zurich takes a great deal of saving and planning so don’t even think of living there unless you’re a wealthy business man.