These Signs Shows That You’re In A Healthy Relationship


A long term relationship is unlike any other relationship that you have with your friends. But you don’t necessarily need to have everything in common to be in a healthy relationship. In fact, we’re fairly certain that most relationship counselors would agree that you don’t have to have the same taste in music or movies to live happily ever after. It’s really all about compromise and other things that will allow you both to see a future together. So here are a couple of signs that will totally indicate if your relationship is standing tall and strong.

#1. The world outside might be chaos, but your relationship is the ultimate safe zone.

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you and your partner have essentially created a safe bubble where you can both share experiences, feel comforted and guarded, especially when everything else is falling apart.


#2. Despite your obvious imperfections, you both choose to see the best in each other.

You choose to appreciate what’s good about each other rather than nitpick and whine and find reasons to end the relationship. In essence, you’re focusing on the pros by remembering the good times rather than wasting energy on the worst sides of each other.

#3. Trust and loyalty are never an issue because you trust each other implicitly.

When you’re in a healthy relationship, the urge to check on them goes away. Even when they act a certain way that is unusual from their normal behavior, body language, and mannerism. You still put blind faith in them.

#4. You’re both grateful about the little things in life, even in the wake of a crisis.

You might have just lost your home in a tornado, a flood, or a fire, but you look at each other and are still grateful that you have each other. A relationship that practices daily gratitude will ultimately produce a positive outcome.

#5. Even though you’re married, you keep dating each other as if you’d just met.

You go to a bar, a restaurant, Disney World, or Paris… it really doesn’t matter, because you don’t need to spend quality time with anyone but the person you love. So every date feels like the first date, and not the last.

#6. Couples fight all the time. It’s unavoidable, but you also know how to let things go.

It’s a great sign of a healthy relationship when you can be flexible enough to move beyond the anger, let things go, and make up because it shows you’re both easy going and loving towards each other.

#7. You love your partner for who they are, and not what you want them to be.

You love your significant other for who they were the moment you met them and you never hope, dream, or try to change them, because thinking you can mold someone into an unrealistic image is the wrong way to go.

#8. You show love every single day, not just on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.

A great sign of a healthy relationship is based on creative intimacy, connection, and most importantly, positive expression of love through words, gestures, and acts every day.

#9. Yes, you fight, but then you can’t wait to make up so you can be in each other’s arms again.

We’re all going to have those moments where we’re going to disagree with each other. That’s just life. But when you’re willing to put the anger aside and forgive each other to stay together, you’ve really got something there.

#10. Mutual trust and respect is essential for a healthy relationship to flourish.

If you have it, then it means you also have open communication and honest dialogues about values, goals and expectations about each other and your future together. But they also require freedom of expression with the fear of retribution as well as respect for each other’s differences.